About Us

The Natchitoches Tribe is a State Recognized Tribe. We are a proud people who continue to  persevere and work hard. Today the Natchitoches Tribe has over 1600 members who reside all over the United States and the world. Many of our Tribal members still live and maintain family relations  upon our ancestral lands in Natchitoches parish Louisiana, particularly around the communities of Campti and Black Lake. We have maintained our family structures, customs, foods, and life ways, and more importantly we have maintained our sacred relationship to the lands, waters, and non-human relatives who have sustained our people from time immemorial. The Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana honors the government-to-government relationship we have with the state of Louisiana, and as such, we see ourselves as a nation committed to making everyone prosper in Natchitoches parish and beyond. These connections are reflected in our seal.