Mission and Vision


The Government of the Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana  is charged with securing and protecting the perpetual health and prosperity of the Natchitoches Tribe and all the people who reside on our original lands.  The government fulfills its mission by preserving and strengthening our sovereign status,  by creating a community and economic environment which affords every member of the Natchitoches Tribe, and every citizen of Natchitoches parish, the opportunity to attain good health, self-sufficiency, pride and self-esteem.


We, the citizens of the Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana, have a vision to continue our march as a united people that draws strength from the values of our past and the rich resources within our community to manifest our shared future. We will collaborate within and outside our Tribe to collaboratively build a healthy, sustainable, and thriving community that inspires hope and self-reliance. With a deep reverence for our history and our ancestors, we know who we are, and will work toward building goodwill with others across our state and beyond for a healthier future.