State Recognition Ceremony

The government of the Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana is comprised of an Executive and a Legislative branch, which together make up the NTL Tribal Council. The Executive Division is comprised of the Principal Chief and Vice Chief, the Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Director and Legal Counsel, and the Legislative Division is comprised of the NTL Council Chiefs.

See also: Tribal Constitution (2016, PDF)

Executive Division

Chief Fred Simon
Vice Chief Janette Graham Melton
Peggy LeBrun Smith, Treasurer
Belinda Smith, Secretary
Junell Scheeres, Executive Director
Vincent Trombatore, Legal Counsel

Legislative Division: Council Chiefs

Thomas Alemond
Brett Anderson, Speaker of the House
Debra Mezierre Barber
Tammy Buckaloo
Jacque Winnon Burchfield
David Desadier
Ruby Elliott Gray
Clement Lagouarde (Ambassador France)
Thelma Littekin
Shirley Barr May
Frank Perot
Gayle Lynn Polhmyer
Monty Trichel
David Stevenson
Dr. Danette Vercher, Tribal Mediator
Audricka Young, Education Director
Chief Fred Simon and Vice Chief Janette Melton